Vanguard Case Study


The Cornerstone Credit Union League is committed to supporting and growing their member credit unions while being the dominant trade association among the credit union movement.

Client Profile

The Cornerstone Credit Union League (CCUL) supports member credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas by providing communication, training, career development, networking, and participation in community, state, and national projects.

Key Message

Advance the success of credit unions by advocating for their interests, providing guidance on management and compliance, developing strong leaders, and sharing knowledge.

Unique Challenge

CCUL had many different web properties with various content and technology behind each of them. This was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Therefore, they sought to create a more centralized hub for their online presence that provided all their content in one place that is easy for users to navigate and consistent in branding and control.

Before Redesign



  • Combine three existing websites into one.
  • Build a faster and more streamlined experience while maintaining legacy features.
  • Create a consistent design that also differentiates each facet of the League.


  • Created import scripts to move thousands of news articles from each separate website into the new website.
  • Creation of a faceted search to find content faster and easier.
  • Build the new website with the MVC framework while providing website administrators the option to use an older framework to maintain their legacy functionality.
  • Reduce the amount of computationally heavy features.
  • Create page elements that can take on the same design but different colors to denote different components of CCUL.


  • A single website that contains all the dynamic and user-generated content from the previous websites.
  • A fast website that still contains all of the custom functionality that the users need along with some new functionality.
  • A modern, clean looking website with color defining subsections.

Vanguard Redesign