Vanguard Case Study

CAHIIM Redesign 2019

The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) provides quality monitoring of health informatics and health information management programs through standards of an accreditation process.

Client Profile

CAHIIM, a not-for-profit organization, was formed in 2006 when leadership from The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) recognize the need to create an independent accrediting organization in Health Information. In 2010 CAHIIM began accrediting graduate programs in Health Informatics and continues to provide value and awareness in quality monitoring of academic programs.

Key Message

CAHIIM strives to provide educational resources, and excellence to the public by monitoring academic programs in Health Information Management (HIM) and Health Informatics (HI) and seeks to maintain the well-being of accreditation policies and processes.

Unique Challenge

CAHIIM’s previous website included resourceful information on its accreditation process, accredited universities, training, and access to evaluation programs in regard to the accreditation process. However, accessing such information made it difficult due to cluttered navigation.

The previous website had challenges distinguishing resources, both structurally and visually, between the two types of accreditation processes and professions that they offer. 

Before Redesign



  • Enhance and improve the homepage to include more visual appeal and navigate users to the sections and content that they seek.
  • Improve website navigation and declutter the sitemap.
  • Develop key areas of the site for core audiences such as Students, Program Directors, and Peer Reviewers so that these individuals can locate necessary resources.
  • Develop a Program Directory that provides the public access to CAHIIM’s accredited institutions in an easy to consume format.


  • Develop a robust website navigation that caters to CAHIIM’s core audience and declutter its navigation by organizing its web content into various sections within its sitemap.
  • Provide a more visually appealing website by introducing imagery, various call to actions on both the homepage and interior pages, as well as add interactive web components to enhance the user experience.
  • Develop a custom Program Directory search that contains all of the institutions that CAHIIM has accredited, and allows users to search by institution, program level, state, and the method of the program’s delivery (online vs campus-based).


  • An appealing website that leverages Sitefinity widgets to display images and calls-to-action, that in return, provides a more enjoyable user experience.
  • A more functional website navigation that allows user to locate the information that they need, in a more efficient manner while maintaining key areas of their website geared towards specific audiences.
  • An easy to use Sitefinity CMS website driven by dynamic widgets with a drag and drop methodology that provides CAHIIM staff with the tools that it needs to create content quickly and efficiently.
  • A robust Program Directory search that allows the public to locate both CAHIIM accredited institutions in Health Information Management (HIM) and Health Informatics (HI).

Vanguard Redesign

The Vanguard team was exceptional in every way. The project manager kept us on track and was professional and supportive through the entire process. We truly felt like we were their only client and continue to feel that way. No question or request is ever taken lightly. We received many compliments from our Board of Directors about the level and quality of
service Vanguard provided.
Jayne Kosik

CAHIIM Senior Director of Business Operations