Vanguard Case Study

Professional Beauty Association

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is a provider of educational resources within the beauty industry and seeks to connect like-minded professionals to continue to advanced their careers, and presence in the beauty industry.

Client Profile

The Professional Beauty Association plans and executes events that span the entire country to uplift and support professional members of the association. PBA provides a springboard for those who want to become professionals within the beauty industry and helps provide access to training and mentorship from other qualified professionals.

Key Message

PBA's core message deals with connecting beauty professionals and providing resources to help them improve upon their craft. Its goal is to empower, and provide educational resources through a community of beauty professionals, and continue to expand its presence in the beauty industry.

Unique Challenge

PBA’s previous website contained resourceful information, and tools sought out by business professionals. However, accessing such tools was challenging due to cluttered navigation, and lack of visually appealing elements, and storytelling throughout the website. Vanguard took the opportunity to develop tools that could be utilized to create content on a site with complex design elements.

Before Redesign


  • Redesign the website with an easy to use Content Management System that allows PBA’s content editors the ability to utilize a plethora of tools to publish content.
  • Create a stunning website that encourages people to want to find out more about the PBA by displaying visually appealing calls to actions. In return, these elements may help increase membership and revenue.
  • Developing key landing pages that allow beauty professionals to segue into the key areas of the site that interest them, such as; educational events, membership resources, and charity initiatives.


  • The development of various Sitefinity widgets, that allow PBA to quickly publish, and efficiently create content regardless of the complexity of its designs or client objectives.
  • The creation of a blog landing page, that houses freshly created content for its members with the ability to search by keyword and categories. The blog section also includes the ability users to comment.
  • Sitefinity CMS integration with third-party tools to leverage, and display content from PBAs primary social channel, Instagram so that it continues its strong social media presence.


  • A well-designed, professional, and modernized website that demonstrates the value of becoming a member of PBA through its resource offerings.
  • An image-heavy and design-focused website, managed by delivering content through Sitefinity CMS, a global leader in Content Management Systems.
  • A newly designed navigation, decluttered and developed with an emphasis on presenting all key areas that show the key value of PBA. The navigation remains smooth and flexible on various devices, no matter how many visual elements appear on a webpage.
  • A large number of widgets on each page supported by specific content delivery types in the Sitefinity CMS allow for a streamlined user experience.

Vanguard Redesign