Vanguard Case Study

The Academy of Management

The Academy of Management aims to be the worldwide hub of timely and relevant management information and research for everyone from busy executives to management professors and PhD students.

Client Profile

The Academy of Management (AOM) was founded in 1936 by a group of ten University of Chicago professors. Since then, it has grown and evolved with more than 18 thousand members hailing from 120 nations all in the name of supporting scholarly research in the field of management.

Key Message

Academy of Management is the premier global community for management and organization scholars and for advancing the impact of management and organization science worldwide.

Unique Challenge

AOM has a lot of timely, yet different content that is all vying for the attention of the user. Vanguard’s challenge was to design a website that can present all of this content in an easily digestible way

Before Redesign


  • Integrate and condense existing online systems and content into a single, easy to navigate website.
  • Create a flexible website so that the website’s administrators have a high degree of creative and functional control without the need to ask for Vanguard’s help in making desired changes.
  • Solution

    • Create a Single Sign-on (SSO) between the website, Atypon (online publishing platform), iMIS (association management system), and Higher Logic (online community platform) to create a seamless experience between these web properties.
    • Create nightly imports and integrate search APIs with these other platforms to provide all content in one location.
    • Absorb AOM’s subsites (like their news subsite) into the main website’s structure.
    • Develop custom functionality that automatically updates content based on information within these other systems.


    • Users who login to the website are automatically logged in to the other web properties as well avoiding the need for multiple log ins.
    • Events created in Higher Logic are automatically imported into Sitefinity providing members a condensed, yet categorically organized view of upcoming events.
    • Journal and editor information are automatically pulled from their sources so that all of the web properties stay in sync, and all content can be found within the website.
    • A large faceted and federated keyword search allowing users to quickly and accurately narrow down their search to find what they are looking for.

    Vanguard Redesign