Vanguard Case Study

CEDIA Case Study

CEDIA seeks to be a meeting point for professionals throughout the electronic systems industry. As a result, their website design focuses on delivering information and content to members that will help them learn and improve their industry-specific skills.

Client Profile

CEDIA was born in 1985, and since then has become dedicated to advancing the electronic systems industry. By advocating for professional standards, they turned the home technology niche from what was considered a hobby into an industry in its own right. Today, CEDIA has established connections with over 3,900 member companies throughout the globe. Through these partnerships, they seek to offer training to support professionalism within the electronic systems industry and inspire members to improve.

Key Message

CEDIA is an internationally recognized advocate for the electronic systems industry and the home of professional training courses designed to help practitioners improve their skills and knowledge.

Unique Challenge

CEDIA's members create beautiful experiences but that was not being reflected on the website. Vanguard took this as an opportunity to develop a visually stunning website that still keeps the association’s content accessible.

Before Redesign



  • Develop a website that combines three pre-existing, and international, websites into a centralized website that caters to all of CEDIA’s audiences and members.
  • Create a subsite dedicated to The CEDIA Designer, software for CEDIA members and non-members alike.
  • Integrate the completed website with third-party systems such as Aptify (AMS), Cvent, and Absorb.


  • Sitefinity's content delivery systems helped streamline web page development, ensuring that images load quickly and efficiently.
  • Vanguard developed a faceted and federated search system to allow users to quickly find events from all of CEDIA’s event platforms.
  • Vanguard helped style and integrate Sitefinity's back end with the existing Aptify (AMS) functionality while also adding new functionality that complements the user’s experience.
  • Additionally, Vanguard developed custom features to use with the site and enhanced mobile responsivity.


  • A modern, updated website design which showcases CEDIA’s member’s imagery giving it a fresh, new feel.
  • Websites that load rapidly, despite the vast number of images that each individual page may present.
  • The integration of Sitefinity and Aptify widgets with features like “Find-A-Pro” and the “Inspiration Gallery” which ensures that the user’s journey from one piece of content to the next is seamless and keeps them engaged.
  • Provides member users a greater level of engagement but allowing them to interact and add to the one of CEDIA’s flagship features, the “Inspiration Gallery”.

Vanguard Redesign