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What's New In Sitefinity 13?

Modernized -

Modernized Image Management provides users with a productive environment that includes additional filtering and search capabilities.
  • Browse images in list, thumbnail and timeline view.
  • Navigate libraries in a new way.
  • Enhanced filters help to find the images you need.

Reinvented -

The new classification interface makes things smooth, fluid, powerful, and keeps you productive by introducing a simplified UI for easier management of categories and tags.
  • đťanage classifications at scale
  • Reorder categories and merge tags
  • Easily move content items between classifications

Persistent -

Consistent personalization based on custom tags such as title, campaign source, or other attributes while also including a more refined set of characteristic options for user segmenting.
  • Deliver tailored messaging to returning visitors.
  • Improve Engagement
  • Increase Conversions


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