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Vanguard Tips & Tricks

We provide helpful hints you never knew you needed for our clients. Check out "Vanguard Tips & Tricks" to learn quick and simple hacks to make managing your website easier than ever.
Nov 4, 2020

Make Video Embeds Responsive With Bootstrap

Making YouTube and Vimeo videos fit on a mobile device is easy with Bootstrap. A couple lines of code is all you need
Hand holding a smartphone horizontally with the outline of a mobile app on the screen
Oct 30, 2020

Mobile Application Development Made Easier with Cross-Platform Frameworks

Websites and Mobile Applications are usually seen as two separate beasts to build. However, new frameworks are making it possible to easily create a shared experience between these platforms.
Oct 23, 2020

The Client and Client Manager Relationship

Strategy Tech Support
If you run into any website issues, are planning a new strategy or branding initiative, or if you are just looking for guidance, the Vanguard Client Management team is here to help as an extension of your team.
Oct 16, 2020

Utilizing Custom Grid Widgets for Ultimate Layout Flexibility

Sitefinity offers more flexibility for developers and content editors to manage and control layout elements on your website.
Oct 9, 2020

What you can do to start making your website accessible right now

Design Strategy
It is important to have a website that is accessible for everyone. There are many simple adjustments as a web admin that you can do to achieve a more accessible website.
Icons of Technology with CMS in the Middle
Oct 2, 2020

The Benefits of Having a Development Environment for Your Website

Content Management Development
You have launched your website and now maintaining it is top priority. Testing new features and content on a live website can be a challenge. Explore these three reasons why a development environment
Sep 25, 2020

The Communication Divide between Developers, Project Managers and Clients

Successful communication between the client, project managers and developers results in a successful project.
Sep 18, 2020

The Ever-Moving Project Timeline

Design Strategy
What do a Project Manager and a Jedi have in common? Neither speak in absolutes. PM's speak in estimates, and it is important to have an understanding of what goes into a project timeline and why it is ever-changing.
Sep 11, 2020

3 Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Content Management Marketing Strategy
Reaching your SEO goals for your website is easier than you think. Here are a couple of tips to improve SEO organically.
Sep 4, 2020

Expanding Sitefinity Libraries with External Integrations

Development Tech Support
Images, documents, and videos are all managed in Sitefinity libraries. For much faster load time, consider external integrations.