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Posted: Mar 5, 2021
Tech Support

What good is it to hire developers to build your organization a customized website if you don’t have quality website support post-launch? This is a crucial, but surprisingly common error that many organizations make. You go through months of hard work with your web development vendor, but after the site is launched, if something goes wrong or you require website maintenance, you need to have a plan.

That is why at Vanguard we offer VIP plan packages. When clients choose to work with Vanguard, they are given several options for post launch support:

  • Time and Material
  • Essential VIP plan
  • Premium VIP plan

Today, I am going to walk you through each post-launch support plan that Vanguard offers to clients.

Time and Material

Although a support plan is highly recommended, we Vanguard can still support your organizations website without one. If a client opts out of a support plan Vanguard can bill for support on a time and material basis. Website support on a time and material basis means you will be charged hourly by the time and effort it takes our managers and developers to complete a task. Although this pay-as-you-go plan sounds cost effective, clients lose out on a lot of the cost-effective perks of a support plan.

Essential VIP Plan

Our Essential VIP Plan is our most common support package that we offer. This plan includes:

  • 20 pre-paid VIP hours - The services covered by these hours include project management, strategy, general consulting, CMS enhancements, training, design, SSO support and/or web development.
  • Website Reports – Vanguard provides Essential VIP clients with one technical audit (a report of all broken links on website) as well as one heatmap report (a report, illustrating through visual graphics, the most visited areas of a client’s home page, what buttons were most clicked on as well as how much scrolling was done on the site.)

Premium VIP Plan

If your organization requires more than 20 VIP hours, we offer another plan for you! The Premium VIP Plan includes:

  • 30 pre-paid VIP hours – The Premium VIP plan offers 10 hours more than the Essential VIP plan.
  • Website Reports – With the Premium VIP plan Vanguard provides with two technical audits and two heatmap reports per year instead of the single report offered by the Essential VIP plan.

Both Essential and Premium VIP Plans also include:

  • Bugs and issues related to programming that are not the fault of the client or other vendors will be taken care of at no charge and will not be billed towards your VIP hours.
  • The first 15 minutes of a first phone call, first email, or first client submitted ticket in a day are free! This means that the first time you reach out for a billable task on a given day, the first 15 minutes that a Vanguard staff member works on this task or communicates with you about this task does not go against VIP hours. This is meant to keep the lines of communication open between your organization and Vanguard as your web partner. This way there isn’t the pressure of using precious VIP hours for a simple question or concern.
  • 5 free Sitefinity training hours – Vanguard offers our VIP clients 5 additional hours per year of free training to our clients and their staff. These training hours are especially helpful refreshing your CMS knowledge and training new staff within your organization. This includes basic, advanced, and open forum training sessions. We record our sessions and share them with the client so anyone who missed the session can have a video recording for reference.
  • Website Audits – Each year, Vanguard will conduct an audit of your website to identify ways that it can be enhanced for your organization and its members. This is a new perk added for VIP members in 2021.
  • Vanguard manages, purchases, and implements a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for VIP clients’ websites.
  • If a software patch is required for Sitefinity CMS, Vanguard offers a discount to VIP clients and also allows clients to utilize VIP hours for this instead of paying out-of-pocket.

As you can see, there are many great, financially-smart perks to having a VIP plan with Vanguard. We want what is best for your organization and your members, and receiving the necessary website support is important when keeping your beautiful website up to date and properly maintained.

If you have any questions about our VIP plans or services we offer, reach out to your friendly client manager at Vanguard today!

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