The Client and Client Manager Relationship

Posted: Oct 23, 2020
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If you utilize Vanguard's VIP program, one of the benefits after launching a redesigned website is that you are assigned a Vanguard Client Manager (CM). Although this Vanguardian will be your main point of contact, you will also have the support of the full Vanguard CM team to go to with any questions or issues that you may have regarding your website post-launch. Having a solid relationship with Vanguard’s CM team is an important aspect of a successful and seamless website. 

Communication is Key

Some clients choose to host their website themselves, while others are hosted by Vanguard. Some clients have internal IT teams that can assist with website issues, and others rely heavily on Vanguard for tech support. In all scenarios, it is crucial to keep your CM in the loop and up to date on any issues that happen. Keep record of comments you hear about your site, good or bad, and report them to your CM. This line of communication will give us an understanding of how users and staff are feeling about the website.

If Vanguard built your website, we likely have a great understanding of it. Frequent communication with your CM can ensure you are always on the same page. Your CM is in constant internal communication with the rest of the Vanguard CM team and developers so even if your CM is out of office, the CM team will be able to assist you with ease.

If you notice an issue, report it to your CM as soon as you can. Please provide screenshots, links, test credentials, and anything else that will help your CM replicate the issue at hand. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be for the CM to trace your steps. Clients should consider Vanguard’s CM team an extension of their team, as that is what we aim to be.  

It is not entirely your responsibility to build this relationship with your CM. Vanguard client managers have several responsibilities to retain client relationships as well. To ensure that you and Vanguard are on the same page, your Vanguard CM will send you a monthly VIP report to show you how your VIP hours have been spent throughout the year. Client Managers will also follow up with clients several times a year to check in. Sometimes, CMs will audit the client sites to determine if there are any areas of the site that could be improved. This gives Vanguard a sense of what shape your website is in. Technology is ever-evolving, and Vanguard is constantly building and creating new features to offer our clients to improve their sites. CMs will often recommend some of these features to clients that would benefit. 


If you are internally working on strategic ways to expand your audience, working on rebranding, or beginning a marketing initiative, reach out to Vanguard! Your CM might have some great insight for you as you create and come up with ideas. With your ideas and direction, Vanguard will discuss internally how to incorporate your new ideas and strategies into your website. Your CM may recommend website features that would aid in the initiative, give you insight on how to best utilize Sitefinity, and can offer data on analytics and website performance. Working with your CM, you can analyze your website, review your organization's goals and strategy to determine what is working for you and what isn't when it comes to your website. 

Overall, building a relationship with your Vanguard client manager will yield positive results in return. If you have frequent communication with your client manager, he or she will likely know just what to recommend when it comes to your website to make significant improvements and stay ahead when it comes to technology. If it has been a while since you last spoke with the Vanguard CM team, or if there have been issues with the website you haven't reported, here is your sign! Reach out to your CM today!

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