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Posted: Jul 1, 2020
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What Is Website Personalization?

Website personalization is the process of customizing a unique experience for different users of a website. Instead of having the same information for all users, you can customize the information that displays to fit a target demographic.

A way to think of personalization is like going to a coffee shop that you frequently visit. The more times you go to that coffee shop, the more likely the barista will know you by name and what you like to order. This can also be how users of your website can view content too.

What Can Be Personalized in Sitefinity?

Sitefinity allows you to provide variations of content to different types of users. You can choose how users are defined by creating user segments based on characteristics and data that are based on what the user is comprised of. This can include roles, geographical location, where the user came from, and so much more.

With Sitefinity, you can personalize:

  • Pages
  • Page Templates
  • Content Blocks

If you are using the MVC version of Sitefinity, you can additionally customize:

  • Images
  • New Items
  • Blog Items
  • Event Items
  • Lists
  • Cards

Steps to Achieve Personalization in Sitefinity

  1. Create User Segments
    You will need to create segments of users that are unique to your website. They can be categorized by role, geography, referral URL, and more. The user segments are the demographics that you want to target with specific information that is different than what is normally displayed.
  2. Segments


  3. Create Different Content Based on User Segments
    You can create separate pages that cater to a specific segment. Alternatively, you can use the same page with a content block that displays different information for that individual content area while keeping the rest of the page the same. It ultimately depends on how much information you plan on differentiating between each user base.

  4. Preview Your Work
    Use the page preview option to test how different users see the same page. This works just like the “Page Preview” for Sitefinity pages.

For more detailed information on Sitefinity Personalization, please take a look at the documentation here:

If you have questions regarding personalization or need assistance implementing, reach out to your client manager at Vanguard.

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