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Posted: Apr 24, 2020
Sitefinity Tech Support

In our current global situation, there is a lot of uncertainty and negative news out there. Things are kind of crazy right now, so Vanguard would like to take the time to address some positive, non-COVID-19 related things that you, as an organization or website owner/admin can look forward to in the upcoming months ahead.

Sitefinity Version 13 to Launch

Version 13 of Sitefinity CMS is in its final stages of development. It is currently in beta and should be released soon. Vanguard has been building Sitefinity websites since Telerik (creators of Sitefinity, before it was bought by Progress) launched version 3 and have been thrilled with all the functionality added over the years. Progress has not released much about what we can expect in this new version, but we are excited to see our clients reap the benefits of the additional functionality and user ability of version 13. Although Sitefinity has us at the edge of our seats on what’s to come, a quick look at the backend reveals a new interface for images and taxonomy. Interested in learning more about upgrades? Check out our recent article here.

Microsoft .NET 5 to be released this Fall

In November, we expect Microsoft to release .NET 5. In Microsoft’s own words, “.NET is a cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many different types of applications. With .NET, you can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT.” Essentially, .NET is the framework that Vanguard specializes in, so this is a game changer for the developers who build your website.

This is a significant step in the .NET world. Although this may not strike the same excitement for you as it does for web developers, .NET 5 will give us the tools to make advanced performance improvements to your website and its functionality. This release is the unification of .NET Core and .NET Framework. It marks the completion of a six-year project, bringing Microsoft to the open source cross platform world. To learn more about .NET 5, check out this article from Microsoft here.

Secure your site with TLS 1.3

We don’t know when this is set to release, but we do know TLS 1.3 is on its way.  TLS 1.3 will enable faster and much more secure HTTPS performance on all desktop and mobile devices.

 We’ve seen multiple references that Windows Version 1903 supports TLS 1.3 standard. Because this is still in testing, it is disabled by default. We are looking forward to implementing this version across our clients’ websites. For more information on TLS 1.3 and the security updates and benefits, click here. If you are interested in how you can learn more about the importance of cyber security and your site, check out our recent blog article here.

As developers, we are looking forward to these new tools to see what robust functionality we can create for you and your users. As technology advances, the opportunities are endless. If you have questions about how these new tools will be able to help your organization’s site, reach out to your Vanguard Client Services Manager.

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