A Valentine’s Day Ode to Code

Posted: Feb 14, 2020
My Dear debugger, Where is the love?

I write the code and give it a shove
you say it’s works, but only kind of.

But “Why”, I say with in a muted whine
“The web page is loaded, it looks fine!”

Line after line I review my JavaScript
as time goes by I feel more ill-equipped

Developers know that broken code hurts like a broken heart
I start to question myself, “Do I hit delete, do I dare restart?”

You share the error in the console
And try to help with damage control

But I have no clue what you have in mind
When you say, “ReferenceError: Object not defined”

Since I don’t know what the heck you mean
I pause, reflect, and get some caffeine

With my coffee as my fuel, I feel like I can fly
It’s off to stackoverflow to rip off of some other guy

Sure, at times my code can be a little sloppy
But surely there is something out there I can copy

Hour after hour of searching through the stacks
Come to the conclusion, “It must be my syntax!”

Line by line I meticulously review my code
Oh no! The coffee hits and I run to the commode

On the thrown is where most of the thinking is done
Try to squeeze out a solution but end up with none

I walk back to my chair thinking about the future of my career
“Where is the problem Debugger”, I say, “please make it clear”

Why did I do this? 
This profession I have chosen

That’s when the other developer says,
“Hey, it looks like you forgot a semicolon”.
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Miles Grundy