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Posted: Sep 15, 2020
Marketing Tapping the Long-Term Potential of Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings Offer New Way to Reach Your Audience, Create Value

With remote working situations dominating the current workforce environment, people increasingly are missing in-person interactions they consider to their job performance and career development. Increased us of virtual meetings can help close that gap.


It's true that remote working has enabled organizations to maintain some semblance of their business operations, but there's also a downside to these arrangements. People increasingly are feeling isolated and, at least in some cases, think remote working hinders their performance.


Bring People Together

 A survey of 343 media and advertising professionals published in June 2020 by advertising consultancy The 614 Group found 25% of those surveyed missed networking with others outside their immediate circle while working from home. In addition, 20% missed the ability to cultivate relationships with colleagues.


Virtual meeting technology, however, can help alleviate some of that negativity. The 614 group survey showed that not only do virtual meetings help maintain morale, but about two-thirds of respondents (64%) thought virtual events also were a "way to meet new business prospects and generate leads."


A Win-Win Situation

 Virtual meetings frequently used throughout your organization offer a way to help your target audience overcome their feelings of isolation. For example, virtual meetings can be set up to provide your audience opportunities to connect with others in a familiar setting. Educational sessions, networking events, and even sponsor exhibits all can be replicated in a virtual environment.


But aside from the goodwill your organization will generate by providing this opportunity, there are also more tangible benefits to virtual meetings like cost savings, potential greater attendance, convenience and lengthening your organizations marketing reach by giving access to a wider group of people. By weaving virtual meetings into the fiber of your organization while it has become necessary your organization can reap the benefits for years, even when in-person meetings are allowed again.


Long-Term Benefits

 Beyond the virtual meeting itself, your organization stands to derive other advantages. The content generated during a virtual meeting will serve as a treasure trove of material for your website. Properly tagging this content and giving attendees unfettered access on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis likely lead to longer, deeper, and more meaningful engagement with your audience.


The current work environment presents challenges for organizations and individuals alike. Virtual meetings can give you a means not only to address these short-term disruptions, but also create value for your organization over the long term.


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Michael Wiley

President Vanguard Technology