Webinar - Vanguard Technology

January 10, 2020 - Improve Your Web Copy 

You may be wondering why it's important to talk about writing for the web. The simple answer is that we're not flipping through newspapers or magazines anymore for most the content we consume. We're tapping screens and swiping our fingers up, down, left, and right. What does this mean for what we're now currently used to?

At Vanguard, we’ve adopted and adapted the following questions when we create content for the web.

    • Is this appropriately placed in the navigation and/or context of your content?
    • If I step back and squint, is there a clear "flow" to the page?
    • If I were to send this to a person in the target audience, will they understand it?
    • Is there a clear follow-up to what I’ve written?
    • Is this worth sharing or talking about?

 Watch the webinar below to learn more: