Link your systems together seamlessly and give your members a better experience.

Integration can mean different things to different people. For most of our association website projects integration comes in two forms:

  1. Single sign-on. Creating a seamless login between multiple third-party systems like your CMS, AMS and LMS.
  2. Data integration. This means pulling data out of one system – most times it’s an AMS – and displaying it within a CMS web page.

Vanguard Technology was founded as a custom web development shop, so creating integrations and custom coding is part of our DNA.

Eliminate the need for your members to log in twice to access areas of your site. Or streamline your existing sign-on process to ensure it’s fast, reliable and seamless for your members.

The simple truth is if your site has a disjointed experience for members as they navigate from one system to another you’re increasing the odds they will become frustrated and not only leave your site, but potentially abandon a transaction like an event registration or membership renewal.

Vanguard does some form of integration on all our projects. Put your trust in experts in the field. Our experience with integrations is the second most common reason our clients choose to work with us.

Reach out or send us an email. We’d love to tell you more about how integrating your website with other systems can be easy, reliable and sound.

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