The CMS is the key to all association website success

Sound strategy, great content and robust functionality are all somewhat moot if you don’t have the right software running your website. Poor usability, expensive upgrades and lack of technical savvy are just a few of the reasons our clients move from their existing CMS (many times open source) to the Sitefinity CMS from Progress Software.

Your staff will thank you for bringing an easy-to-use, reliable CMS to your organization. We have association clients with two staff members and some with 200. Sitefinity CMS can scale to whatever your needs may be.

We’ve been partners with Progress Sitefinity CMS since 2008. We were the first in the association space to work with Sitefinity CMS and it’s the only CMS we offer our clients. We go deep with this product to ensure we are the experts you need providing unwavering support. 

Vanguard can leverage the Sitefinity CMS site search to make your new site search exactly what it needs to be: simple, accurate, relevant and meaningful. We can also create filters for search results and even display results from outside systems like your AMS, LMS or publications.

Reach out or send us an email. We’d love to tell you more about the ins and outs of the Sitefinity CMS.

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