Website Redesigns

We provide a top-to-bottom redesign experience starting with discovery of your business objectives, identifying your core audience, developing a new site structure and then, of course, creating the graphic design templates that bring the sparkle to your new site. View our client work.



It's a new world (again) on the Web. Tablets and smartphones have added a new layer to the online experience and it's important you are able to serve up your website on the device of your members' choice. Responsive Web Design is the art of making your site render across all platforms. It's something we offer to all of our new clients as part of their website redesign project. 



We provide a very easy-to-use and flexible content management system (CMS) called Sitefinity. Our non-technical clients rave about its simplicity and their ability to quickly learn how the system works. We're the first and only Sitefinity Platinum partner serving the association industry. Learn more about Sitefinity.



Whether you're looking to do a redesign or simply need to find a way to increase member engagement, we can help. We provide strategic consulting services for content analysis, site structuring, graphic design, taxonomy and social networking. 



We're partners with nearly every major AMS system in the association industry. We create a seamless, single login experience so your members don't have to re-login to access various applications within your website. We can also build any custom application you may need.


Web Hosting

Vanguard provides worry-free, secure website hosting through Rackspace. Our hosting services cover Sitefinity and all data including web pages, documents, images and multimedia associated with your website.