Vanguard Technology Content Strategy Webinar - July 21, 2016

Vanguard Technology's Chris Bonney, VP of Client Experience, presented a 30-minute webinar called: The Non-negotiable, 7-Step Content Strategy for Association Websites. 

The webinar featured the time-tested process for ensuring your association website's content is valuable for site visitors and helps move forward the online goals of your organization. 

It takes more than an editorial calendar to ensure your website content is quality. Sure, tracking when content "goes live" is important, but are you following the steps that are necessary to ensure your content is going to get your members to take action? To click beyond the home page? To really engage with your site and stay a while? 

Watch this information-packed, 30-minute webinar, where you'll learn about the non-negotiable, 7-step content formula you must follow before posting content to your association's website.

View the replay on YouTube.