Client Showcase: AACOM Digital Resource Library

Vanguard Technology and The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) recently launched the UME-GME digital resource library. The digital resource library was created to include resources for undergraduate medical education (UME) and graduate medical education (GME). The library includes a collection of various resources by format types, such as; on-demand webinars, online courses, upcoming events, instructional videos, textbooks, and much more.


By utilizing existing Sitefinity CMS tools, such as news and event content types, Vanguard Technology developed a custom search mechanism to allow for the searching of such resources. The search mechanism's search index can accept a keyword with a combination of "all terms," or an "exact phrase," giving the end-user complete control of their search terms. Website visitors can also use the implemented custom date range selector to view resources that have been recently published by specific dates.


The digital resource library is driven by Sitefinity taxonomy, which is categories and tags, and allow AACOM Sitefinity administrators with full control over which items the library should include. In order to rate the quality of resources that the library display's, Vanguard also implemented a rating system, similar to what you might find on e-commerce websites with the purpose of allowing website visitors the ability to rate a resource using a 5-star rating system.


If your association is interested in developing a resource-based tool for its members or if you would like to learn more about our website search philosophy, please connect with your Vanguard project manager or client service manager.
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Marco Roman

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