Managing Tags with Google

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update tracking codes and related code fragments collectively known as "tags" on your website.

Tags can be any third-party tracking scripts that you may want to run on your site. For example, if you are serving ads in your site, rather than placing the ad code directly onto your website pages, you would instead, place those tags within the Google Tag Manager interface and chose their display locations from there.

Tag Manager is a great tool because it allows you to add javascript and various tracking code to your site without having to touch any levels of code, for the most part. You don't need to be a developer to add and manage tags with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager vs. Google Analytics
We all know (and hopefully use!) Google Analytics - it's a powerful tracking and analytics tool offered by Google that provide invaluable insight into your sites traffic, content and overall performance.

A common misconception is that Tag Manager is the same thing as (or the latest version of) Google Analytics. This is not the case! In actuality, Google Tag Manager is a completely separate tool.

You can run both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics separately and independent of each other, however, the best way to use both of these tools is together.

The simplest breakdown of how to use these two tools is this:
Google Tag Manger is where you set up tracking and tags, and Google Analytics is where you VIEW the results of these tags.

Some ways in which Tag Manager and Analytics are used together:
• Track document downloads
• Track specific link clicks
• Style your website with CSS
• Track Form Submissions
• Javascript Error Tracking
• Adwords campaign conversions
• Style your website with Javascript
• Fire Remarking tags

To learn more about Google Tag Manager, check out these external resources listed below:

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There are also some great video tutorials out there, if you prefer a visual explanation of Google Tag Manager:

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If you'd like help setting up Google Tag Manager, or want to gain a deeper understanding of how you can utilize this tool, simply email and we can set up a time to answer questions or conduct training with you and your team.

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