Can A New CMS Revolutionize Your Association?

Have you been considering whether or not your association is ready for a new content management system (CMS)? It’s important for any organization to be able to communicate easily and effectively with their members, which is exactly what a great CMS will help you do.

Here are 7 ways that investing in a new CMS technology can help you revolutionize the way you connect with your members:

1. You can finally update all the areas of your home page

When visitors first come to your home site, it’s your time to shine. That’s why having access to make daily, weekly, or monthly home page updates is so important. If your current CMS doesn’t allow for this, you are missing out on providing important messages to your customers in real-time.

2. You have personalization options

A great CMS will have many ways for you to personalize content for your visitors. Organizations who figure out how to deliver personalized web experience are going to see stronger results. The right CMS will allow websites to deliver the right message at the right time to the right visitor.

3. You can create members only content

Many CMS platforms allow you to set permissions and roles based on a member's logged in status and based on these criteria designate certain pages and members only. Having content specifically for members helps create a site that people want to (and need to) log into to see critical content. 

4. The look and feel of your site will be under your control

Most CMS software is fairly user intuitive, meaning that you can easily train someone in your organization to be the website gatekeeper. This person can make real-time updates to your site as needed without having to go to an outside organization to update the look and feel of your site.

5. You can review and approve content before it goes live 

One of the best parts of a new CMS is the “preview” button which allows you to review your changes before pushing the “publish” button. Whenever you make an update – no matter how big or small – it can be reviewed and approved by as many people as necessary before pushing live. This allows for less mistakes and more thoughtful content.

6. You can rollback to previous versions of your content 

What happens if you push something live and regret that decision? With the new CMS software, you can easily go back to a previous version of your site. For example, Sitefinity CMS saves at least the last 50 revisions for each post or page on your site. This feature allows you to keep track of all your versions easily and use them as necessary.

7. Styles and fonts are consistent across your website

The look of your site is important, and with the right CMS you will be assured that the styles and fonts are consistent across your website. The software itself will take care of automatic formatting once you choose the text style and font you prefer. This not only makes for a better website but gives your brain a break from thinking about styles and fonts so you can focus on other areas instead.

In Closing

Whether you have an old CMS or no CMS, upgrading to a new system has the power to revolutionize your business by allowing you to connect to visitors in new and important ways. If you have additional questions about how a CMS can help your association website, contact Vanguard today.

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